Solar Thermal

Sun Power Solar installs and services domestic solar hot water systems. The most common system is the 4′ x 10′ flat plate collector panel that is mounted on the roof and connected to an 80 gallon storage tank.

This tank also has an element that will turn on and heat the water in the tank when there is not efficient sunlight or heavier than normal usage (i.e., visitors, etc.). This system is sufficient for families of 4 or less. The next size system consists of 2 – 4′ x 8′ collector panels and a 120 gallon tank. This system is for families of 5-7 people.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans keep the attic cooler, thus lowering the electric bill by letting the AC unit work more efficiently. The attic fans can move 400-800 cubic feet of air per minute reducing the attic temperature by 30-40 degrees.

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters are a great cost effective way to heat your pool and make it usable all year. Systems are sized depending on the surface area and the depth of the pool, and whether the pool is screened in or not.

Wind Generators

Sun Power solar installs and services Berkey Wind Turbines, horizontal wind turbines and “VATS” Vertical Axis Turbines.

Please note: Florida does not have consistent enough winds making wind turbines not a good fit for our State. We do recommend them for some of the Caribbean islands that we service.

Residential solar carport

A dual purpose structure, creating a shaded area protecting your vehicle’s and making energy for your home & it qualifies for the 30% tax credit.

This system is installed on a standing seam metal roof, that our company also installed. We used a S-5 mounting system that allows us to avoid making penetrations in the roof, as they attach to the vertical section of the panels.

For knowledgeable solar consultants in Tampa who can help you pick out the right solar systems for you, contact Sun Power Solar today. We’ll start you off with a consultation.